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Dentist in Gloucester, ON reviews the cost and expectations of cosmetic dentistry

Patients in and around the Gloucester, ON area who are interested in cosmetic dentistry typically want to work with a dentist who reviews the costs and expectations of each procedure. Dr. France Chevalier is a community dental professional who can assist patients in addressing aesthetic imperfections of their smile and boost their self-esteem and confidence. Without seeing and evaluating a patient, it may be difficult for Dr. France Chevalier to provide an overall cost estimate of certain cosmetic dentistry procedures, so patients who are interested in price quotes for dental work are encouraged to contact her team and schedule an examination. Below are listed just a few of the most common cosmetic procedures completed at Dr. France Chevalier’s practice:


Orthodontics have come a long way over the years, and now patients can improve the appearance and alignment of their smile with clear aligner trays known as Invisalign. This is a great alternative to conventional braces.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are used for coverage and protection, and may even be bonded to false teeth called pontics to anchor dental bridges for tooth replacement.

Dental Bridges

Missing teeth can be restored with the use of dental bridges, porcelain restorations made from pontics and dental crowns that use the adjacent teeth for support.

Teeth Whitening

Brightening the smile is a fast, easy way to rejuvenate the appearance of the smile and make it look youthful and healthier. Dr. France Chevalier recommends teeth whitening solutions such as her take-home whitening trays used by patients over the course of several weeks to gradually brighten their natural tooth enamel.


Replacing missing teeth can be done with the use of either full or partial dentures, which are both available in the practice of Dr. France Chevalier. Full dentures are used to replace an entire arch of teeth while partial dentures are utilized to replace one or more teeth.

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