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What is the cost of dental crowns in Ottawa?

Patients with weakened or broken teeth may benefit from the placement of dental crowns. Dr. France Chevalier is a dentist in the Ottawa area who understands when it is necessary to restore a tooth for better oral health and wellbeing. When individuals are in need of dental crowns, they often ask about the cost of treatment.

Cost of a dental crown may vary due to many different factors. The size, shape, and material used to create the crown are the first variants. The manner in which the crown is used can affect overall cost. Is it fabricated to fuse to a pontic to create a bridge? Is it made to place over a dental implant and act as a false tooth? Is it being used to protect a tooth from further damage after breakage or weakness has already occurred? These variables affect the cost and must be determined in order to give an accurate price quote.

Additionally, depending on the needs of the patient, some crowns may be covered in part or in full by dental insurance plans. When patients have dental insurance, this can help in reducing the need for out-of-pocket costs. Dr. France Chevalier and her team will work with patients to find out how much of their treatment can be covered by their insurance to reduce or eliminate the payment necessary from the patient. Dental insurance can be highly beneficial for patients who have extensive dental requirements to achieve better dental health and wellness.

Dr. France Chevalier uses the best dental materials to create dental crowns and other restorations including bridges and veneers. In many situations, dental crowns are fabricated using porcelain, a ceramic material that closely resembles the appearance of natural tooth enamel, ensuring it blends in with the smile and looks beautiful. Dr. France Chevalier wants to ensure that her restorative dental work does not look fake or stand out as a dental enhancement, so she makes sure the materials she uses are best suited for a patient's specific needs.

If you live in the Ottawa area or a surrounding community and want to learn more about dental crowns and other restorations commonly used in general and cosmetic dentistry, contact Dr. France Chevalier today.

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