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What are dental bridges and how can they help Ottawa patients?

Patients who have lost teeth may feel self-conscious and experience less effective functionality of their dental structure. Chewing, biting, and speaking may be more difficult after the loss of natural teeth. It is important for patients to repair their smiles with a solution that works best for them. Dr. France Chevalier, of downtown Ottawa, is happy to offer restorative treatment including dental bridges.

Dental bridges are commonly used in both cosmetic and general dentistry to restore the beauty and functionality of a patient’s dental arch. When teeth are missing, gaps are formed and they can result in the shifting of adjacent teeth. This creates more spaces between teeth that can only be addressed with orthodontic intervention. However, if patients address their tooth loss early, they can experience fewer problems in the future and eliminate the negative effect on their self-esteem and confidence.

Dental bridges are made of porcelain and are crowns and pontics bonded into a single unit. Pontics act as false teeth and they are made to set into place where the natural teeth once were. The crowns are bonded over the adjacent teeth for support. These restorations can last ten years or longer if a patient provides good home care and maintains visits with his or her dentist.

Dental bridges are a wonderful alternative to dental implants or dentures. Dental implants are more invasive and can take more time to place. They are also more expensive, but are a permanent solution. Dental bridges are more permanent than dentures, which are removable and are often used as a temporary solution for most. Partial dentures can be a daily reminder of tooth loss, while bridges can maintain a smile and eliminate the need for removal for cleaning. Dental bridges are a great middle-of-the-road solution for patients with tooth loss.

Dr. France Chevalier of Ottawa provides a number of restorative services at her practice including dental crowns, implants, teeth whitening, dentures, and periodontal treatment. If you are looking for a dentist in the heart of the downtown Ottawa area who is ready to help patients obtain a beautiful, healthy smile, look no further than Dr. France Chevalier.

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