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Dentist in Ottawa explains tooth loss treatments including dental implants

Congenital absence, trauma, or decay is a reason a patient may experience tooth loss. Fortunately, there are several treatments for replacing missing teeth including dental bridges, dentures, and dental implants. Dr. France Chevalier, Ottawa dentist, is mindful of the effect dental procedures can have on the whole body and she prefers the most conservative treatments. Dr. Chevalier and her team are happy to educate patients about these treatments and the benefits of each of them.

Dental bridges

When missing one or a few teeth, dental bridges may be ideal. Dental bridges contain artificial teeth nestled between dental crowns. There is minimal tooth preparation to ensure the crowns are not bulky before placed on teeth adjacent to the gap. With proper care, dental bridges can last many years.


Another treatment for restoring function and health to the smile is dentures. Partial and complete dentures can be natural looking and blend beautifully with the smile. We will ensure they fit precisely so patients can bite, chew, and speak properly. Dentures can last many years with excellent oral hygiene.

Dental implants

Used to replace one or more teeth, dental implants are the longest lasting solutions for tooth loss. They can last a lifetime when patients brush, floss, and maintain dental check-ups. The implants are gently placed into the jawbone during surgery. During osseointegration, the bone fuses to the implants. After the jawbone heals, we can place dental crowns on top of the implants. Our porcelain crowns can blend beautifully with the smile.

The benefits of treating tooth loss

Regardless of the tooth loss treatment, there are many benefits of replacing missing teeth. When tooth loss is left untreated, teeth can shift into the gaps from missing teeth. This can make it more difficult to keep the teeth and gums clean and healthy with brushing and flossing. Tooth loss can make it difficult to eat various foods and pronounce certain words. When teeth are restored, patients notice an improved ability to bite, chew, and speak. There are emotional benefits enjoyed after tooth loss treatment including improved self-esteem and renewed confidence.

Do you want to learn more about our treatments for tooth loss? Dr. Chevalier would love to meet with you during a consultation. Schedule yours by calling 613-233-1118 today.

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