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Gloucester dentist explains the dental implant procedure

Having a healthy and attractive smile is about more than just brushing and flossing your teeth. Even patients with perfect oral care, can lose a tooth due to trauma, such as taking a fall, or due to aging. However, when a tooth is lost, the effect on a person's smile can be substantial. Smiling into the mirror and seeing a gap where a tooth used to be can hurt your self-esteem.

There are many options for tooth replacement including bridges, dentures, and implants. Patients who are looking for a permanent solution often opt for dental implants. Simply stated, a dental implant is a replacement tooth root. With the proper care at home and proper follow up with your dentist, the dental implant and replacement tooth can last forever.

The procedure for placing implants requires several trips to the dentist over the course of several weeks or months. To begin, a metal post is inserted into the jawbone. The bone then gradually grows around the post. The growing and healing takes some time, but once it is complete a crown is created and your replacement tooth will be set. A temporary crown will be used to provide support and function during the process.

Dr. Chevalier has been working with patients to ensure that they are informed about the treatment process and comfortable every step of the way. Anesthesia will be used during the treatments and any remaining pain can be managed using over-the-counter pain medication.

Once complete, you will have a brand new tooth that has been made just for you. It will be a precise match in shade and shape as your natural teeth. In fact, most patients find that friends, family, and coworkers can't tell the difference between an implant and an original tooth.

Dr. Chevalier knows that having a healthy and happy smile is important to your overall health and wellbeing. She will take the time to get to know you and recommend the right treatment for your individual situation. For more information about implants, or any other dental procedures, call Dr. France Chevalier today.

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