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Dentist in Gloucester, ON explains teeth whitening services

Rejuvenation of the smile can be done with the assistance of a quality dental team. Dr. France Chevalier is a dentist in the Gloucester, ON area who offers an affordable and effective method of brightening the smile. A brilliant and dazzling smile is just a treatment away!

Dr. France Chevalier provides professional-grade whitening tray systems through her practice. Unlike over-the-counter whitening systems available at the local drugstore, dentist-provided whitening kits are much more effective at addressing hard-to-reach stains in the enamel. They also provide faster results that are long lasting and can reduce sensitivity often experienced with other treatment options.

With the tray teeth whitening system, Gloucester, ON area patients can enjoy a precise fit with custom-made trays. Impressions are used to create trays that fit tight to allow the bleaching solution to work its magic on the surface of the teeth. This also keeps the whitening gel in place, unlike other trays, which may leak the gel and irritate the gum tissue.

Patients in and around the Gloucester, ON area are encouraged to contact Dr. France Chevalier and her team to learn about the many methods of restoring the smile, which may include quality teeth whitening services. A variety of aesthetic treatments is available in her practice to help patients in rejuvenating their appearance and enjoying a more aesthetic look. Contact her practice today to schedule a consultation visit to learn about the many methods of restoration available through her state-of-the-art facility. She gladly welcomes new patients to her practice to help others in transforming the way their smile looks and functions.

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