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Patients seek a dentist in Ottawa who provides various types of dentures

When missing one or more teeth, you may be inclined to hide your smile. It may be difficult to speak, bite, and chew properly. You may feel less confident laughing and socializing. Dr. France Chevalier does not want you to feel hindered by your smile. The caring dentist in Ottawa will set aside the time to get to know you and devise a treatment plan that takes your overall health and wellbeing into consideration. She is a dentist who provides various types of dentures as well as other treatments for tooth loss. Before discussing your treatment options, it is important to understand why tooth loss must be treated.

Living with tooth loss

When patients meet with Dr. Chevalier about tooth loss, they express concerns about their word pronunciation. Some patients experience teeth shifting out of place due to the gaps from missing teeth. In more severe tooth loss cases, the jawbone will shrink and the facial structure collapses. There are several reasons for tooth loss including congenital absence, trauma, and periodontal disease. Regardless of the cause, the right denture treatment can restore function, health, and beauty to the smile.

Restoring the smile

For partial to complete tooth loss, dentures can be the ideal solution. Dr. Chevalier provides partial, full, and implant retained dentures. Full dentures replace an entire arch of teeth, whereas partial dentures replace one or more. Implant retained dentures can provide additional retention and peace of mind. Although treatment will involve several stages, patients believe it is worth the time to feel confident about the appearance and function of their smiles. Implants are placed into the jawbone during oral surgery. The healing process will take several months. Once the jawbone has healed, dentures are attached to the ball-ends of the implants. You will not have to worry about the dentures shifting or falling out.

Dr. Chevalier cares about how treatment affects your overall health. Dentures can improve your physical and emotional wellbeing. With proper care and maintenance, dentures can last more than a decade. They may be your ideal solution for tooth loss. To explore denture treatment further, schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Chevalier. Call +1 (613) 233-1118 today.

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