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Losing a tooth as a child is adorable. A child grins to show off the gap and anxiously awaits the tooth fairy. However, when an adult loses a tooth, it is not cute, and no dollar bills are left under the pillow. Instead of grinning, an adult will hide his smile from friends and family. Further, the loss of a permanent tooth can lead to more dental health issues. It is important to have the tooth or teeth replaced in a manner that provides the patient with a confident, functional smile.

Dentures treatment

Dr. Chevalier France explains about Dentures treatment Dr. France Chevalier in Ottawa, ON helps her patients choose the right tooth replacement option for their budget, timeline, and lifestyle. Dentures are often selected to give patients a confident and happy smile. There are several types of dentures patients can choose from to replace their missing teeth.

  • Partial Dentures: This type of denture is for patients who have only lost one or several teeth, but who have many strong and healthy teeth remaining. The replacement teeth are attached to a metal appliance, which looks a lot like an orthodontic retainer. The partial denture snaps quickly in and out of place and can be removed easily to clean the denture and brush the teeth.
  • Complete Dentures: A complete set of dentures is for patients who have lost their entire set of top or bottom teeth. They are created uniquely for the individual patient to give him or her a smile that is natural and original. Complete dentures can be held in place with dental adhesive or with dental implants. While adhesive is the less expensive option, implants allow for a more comfortable fit and less worry about the denture slipping or falling out of place.
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After the procedure

The first several weeks after having your dentures placed are a bit of a learning curve. Patients must get used to having the dentures in their mouth and train facial muscles to work with the appliance. However, after only a few short weeks, the awkward feeling disappears, and the patient has a beautiful, happy, and healthy smile.

Dr. Chevalier will ensure a comfortable fit and will work with you to establish the proper at-home care for your new dentures. She will teach you how to properly clean the dentures each day, and remind you to remove the dentures while sleeping, keep them in a safe place, and be cautious when handling the appliances.

Benefits of dentures

Dr. Chevalier France explains about benefits of dentures
  • Improved appearance: Today’s dentures have come a long way since the dentures that our grandparent’s generation had to wear. Now they are custom-made to the specifications of the dentist, so they look natural, much like the original teeth.
  • Improve your confidence: A missing tooth can hurt your self-confidence and affect your relationships with friends and colleagues. Dentures will the fill the gap in your mouth, improving your appearance, and your self-confidence.
  • Enjoy your favorite foods: It is hard to chew with missing teeth. Patients often find that they slowly remove their favorite foods from their diets because they feel awkward eating them. However, with dentures, you will be able to enjoy most of those foods again.
  • Speak clearly: With dentures that replace your missing teeth, you can speak confidently and know that everyone will understand what you are saying.
  • Longevity: While they may need to be adjusted along the way, with proper care, dentures can last for up to ten years.
  • Protects your oral health: A missing tooth or teeth impacts more than just your appearance. It can harm your dental health as well. When a tooth is missing, the bone does not receive the stimulation it needs, and patients can begin to experience bone loss in the jaw which can lead to facial drooping. Further, with one or several missing teeth, the remaining teeth will shift out of place which can create pockets where food and bacteria become trapped.
If you have a missing tooth or if you are facing extraction of several teeth and need to think about your tooth replacement options, call Dr. France Chevalier to schedule a consultation. She can provide information on your tooth replacement options including implants, bridge and crown appliances, and dentures - types and cost. Dr. Chevalier will take the time to talk with you about your options, address any concerns you have and answer questions. Call +1 (613) 233-1118 today.

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