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Ottawa patients ask, are dentures removable?

Dr. France Chevalier of Ottawa is a dentist with a wide range of restorative solutions available to patients who want to address concerns such as tooth loss. There are many reasons an individual may experience tooth loss. It can be due to disease, extraction, decay, or even a failed root canal. Depending on the situation and the needs of the patient, many solutions are available. Some patients may benefit from the placement of dental implants, while others may prefer a bridge. Patients considering an economical solution may instead consider the advantages of dentures.

Dentures come as full cosmetic dentures or partial dentures. Each plays an important role in replacing missing teeth. Partial dentures are fabricated of metal and acrylic and are made to snap into the dental arch with false teeth in the spaces. Patients with substantial tooth loss may require full dentures, which replace all the teeth in the dental arch.

Many patients ask about whether dentures are removable. In many cases, they are. This helps in maintaining oral health and can make it easier to clean the prosthetics for better function and to improve their longevity. Dr. France Chevalier may suggest full dentures made to interlock with dental implants along the arch to snap into place and provide better stability than natural suction or dental adhesives.

Some patients do not like the idea of a removable restoration. Some want to be able to replace their missing teeth and not think about their restoration every day. These patients are better suited for alternative treatments including dental bridges or dental implants, which are fixed and do not require much attention outside of traditional oral health habits.

Dr. France Chevalier works closely with patients to determine the best restoration for their smiles. She wants patients to be fully educated about their options to allow them to make an educated decision regarding the future of their smiles.

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