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What types of dentures are available through Dr. Chevalier in Ottawa, Canada?

Maintaining natural teeth in the smile is important for both dental health and cosmetic appearance. However, there are situations that may result in the loss of these natural teeth. Spaces are left between teeth in the dental arch and can cause existing teeth to shift out of place. Dr. France Chevalier of Ottawa, Canada offers restorative cosmetic treatments to address the loss of teeth within the smile. A common way to address this issue is with dentures.

Dentures are often misunderstood. There are two types of dentures. Full dentures are commonly known as “false teeth.” They are made of biocompatible acrylics and fit firmly over the gum tissue of a dental arch. They use suction to stay in place, though many patients use dental adhesives to ensure stability.

Patients with existing natural teeth that do not want to extract them for full dentures may consider partial dentures. Partial dentures are used in a dental arch when one or more teeth are missing or extracted. These dentures are made with biocompatible acrylics, no metal frames and snap into place the same way a retainer does. It places a false tooth in the appropriate spot to maintain the beauty and functionality of a smile.

Both types of dentures are removable and are easy to care for. They can be adjusted to fit properly, and this should be done periodically to maintain the best fit. Full dentures that are not regularly checked for comfort and function can irritate the gum tissue and cause sores and inflammation, making them uncomfortable or even painful to wear.

Dr. Chevalier offers a denturist service for both partial and full dentures. The patients can now benefit by restoring their smile with removable appliances Alternative treatments may include dental implants and bridges, and all these options are considered during a consultation appointment. This ensures the patient is educated on the benefits and disadvantages of each restorative treatment.

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