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At the practice of Drs. France Chevalier and Samer Nuwwareh, patients in and around Ottawa, ON have access to dentists with holistic approaches who provide emergency dental care for patients in need. Sometimes, the unexpected occurs and can catch a patient off-guard. Broken teeth or lost restorations will require immediate attention by a dental professional in order to be properly treated.

What is a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies are situations that occur unexpectedly. They often happen due to trauma to the mouth area. Other times, they may include the loss of dental restorations such as dental bridges, fillings, or dental crowns. Below is a small sample of common dental emergencies that are treated at the practice of Drs. France Chevalier and Samer Nuwwareh:
  • Injury to the mouth or cut soft tissues
  • Natural adult teeth that have been knocked out
  • Cracked or chipped tooth
  • Lost restoration such as a dental crown, dental bridge, veneer, or dental filling
  • Severe toothache that is causing pain that cannot be handled
Drs. France Chevalier and Samer Nuwwareh leave times open during the day to assist patients who need immediate care for their smiles. They will get patients in as soon as possible to provide them the emergency dental care they need to achieve a healthier smile!
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What should I do in the event of an emergency?

Smilling lady islolated in white background When an emergency dental situation occurs, it is important that patients contact their dentist immediately. Drs. France Chevalier and Samer Nuwwareh will get patients in as soon as possible, while also providing information over the phone to help the patient be more comfortable until they get into the office. When there is an injury, it is important to use a cold compress on the face and visit the dentist as soon as possible to address the issue.

Why should patients have an emergency dentist?

Anyone in the area of Ottawa, ON who wants to maintain a healthy smile will want to have a dentist on hand for their preventative, general, and restorative care. Additionally, having a dentist who also provides emergency treatment is extremely beneficial for addressing unexpected situations that can arise. Drs. France Chevalier and Samer Nuwwareh will provide immediate care for patients when problems occur. There is a huge benefit to having an emergency dentist who already sees an individual for routine dental care. The dentist and patient have already developed a positive relationship, and patients are comfortable with the team because they are familiar with them. Additionally, the dentist will also have information on file about the patient’s dental health, which can help when it comes to addressing new issues that occur. X-rays will already be on file, and the dentist will be familiar with the patient’s specific dental needs.

Why patients choose Drs. France Chevalier and Samer Nuwwareh

Drs. France Chevalier and Samer Nuwwareh provide quality care with a holistic approach. Every treatment they provide is focused on ensuring that the restoration or treatment is best for the patient’s body as a whole. They provide conservative treatments that reduce the removal of tooth structure and they focus on providing services that are also aesthetic. When restorations are placed, they are fabricated to match the patient’s existing smile for seamless integration. There is a lot of importance and focus on ensuring dental repairs don’t look like dental repairs!

Who can seek emergency dental care with our team?

Lady suffering from bad tooth pain At our practice, we accept new and current patients in and around the community of Ottawa, ON for emergency care. When patients call for assistance, they are not turned away and they are introduced to our team of caring professionals.

Seek quality care from a dentist with a holistic approach

If you are interested in working with a professional who has experience in providing emergency dental care, we encourage you to book an appointment with Drs. France Chevalier and Samer Nuwwareh. Ottawa, ON area patients can receive immediate, necessary care for their smile when the unexpected occurs. Call the office today to schedule a visit at 234 Laurier Avenue West by connecting with our front office team at +1 (613) 233-1118.

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