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Why might Gloucester, ON area residents need an emergency dentist?

It is important for patients in and around the Gloucester, ON area to have an emergency dentist available for unexpected problems that can happen to the mouth. Dr. France Chevalier is a dentist in the community who provides state-of-the-art care and attention for patients who are experiencing a dental emergency, no matter how simple or complex. Her practice offers individuals solutions when they are facing problems such as lost teeth, missing restorations, or severe tooth pain.

Dr. France Chevalier is a quality emergency dentist who can help both new and existing patients in the Gloucester, ON community. Her practice is arranged to help patients on an as-needed basis when problems occur. Some common dental emergencies seen by Dr. France Chevalier include:
  • Loose or dislodged teeth
  • Unusual bleeding of the gums
  • Bleeding after oral surgery that does not clot
  • Broken or chipped tooth
  • Discomfort or pain in the tooth (toothache)
  • Abscesses
  • Orthodontic work that has been broken or damaged
  • Restoration loss including veneers, fillings, crowns, and bridges
Dr. France Chevalier is also a mercury free dentist who provides restorative services that are safe and biocompatible with the body, avoiding the use of silver amalgam fillings. She educates her patients on the many restorative methods available when they come in with a dental concern due to trauma, disease, or infection, and does her best to get them out of pain and back to their day.

When patients have a dental emergency, they must first contact Dr. France Chevalier. During normal business hours, she works in time during the day for emergency situations, and at night, she has an on-call team who can assist with dental emergencies as they arise. Our off-hours team has access to call in prescriptions for patients and they can refer them to their local emergency room if necessary.

If you live in the Gloucester, ON area and want a dental team on your side day and night, now is the time to connect with a quality, comprehensive dentist such as Dr. France Chevalier to learn more about emergency dentistry and what can be done to maintain the health and wellness of the smile.

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