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Dentist in Gloucester describes the benefits of braces

Misaligned teeth are not only a concern when it comes to the aesthetics of a smile. They can affect the health of the mouth as well. Patients who have teeth that are crowded or misaligned often have many crevices and areas where food particles can collect as well as plaque and tartar. Teeth that are not in proper alignment may be more difficult to brush and floss, therefore putting patients at a higher risk for problems such as periodontal disease and cavities. Dr. France Chevalier is a dentist in the Gloucester area who may suggest patients consider braces to straighten their teeth.

The primary benefit of braces is to realign the teeth to improve oral health. A secondary benefit is the ability to make the smile look more attractive. Many patients avoid smiling and laughing when they are with others because they are embarrassed about the condition of their smile. When braces are used to realign the teeth, these patients have a new sense of confidence. Additionally, braces can realign the bite, which can reduce wear on the natural tooth enamel as well as any restorations within the smile.

Dr. France Chevalier may not suggest traditional braces to patients who have mild to moderate misalignment. Instead, she may recommend an alternative known as Invisalign. Invisalign uses aligner therapy to reposition teeth gently and comfortably without the need for metal brackets and wires glued onto the teeth. Aligner therapy uses a series of plastic aligner trays that are made to be clear and indistinguishable when worn. Patients can remove these trays for cleaning of the teeth, which also encourages better oral health during treatment.

Dr. France Chevalier encourages people to contact her practice to learn more about alternatives to braces such as Invisalign. Our team can provide individuals with a consultation appointment and evaluation to determine if they are appropriate candidates for treatment. Thanks to continued advances in orthodontia, patients can enjoy a discreet way of realigning their teeth without metal and in a fast, affordable manner.

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