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Is there a dentist near Ottawa who provides Invisalign?

Dr. France Chevalier is a dentist near Ottawa who provides Invisalign orthodontics—a more comfortable, discreet alternative to conventional metal bracket and wire braces offered by orthodontists.

Invisalign is a popular solution to misaligned, crowded teeth. When patients mild to moderate cases of misalignment come to the practice of Dr. France Chevalier seeking an affordable alternative to braces, Invisalign is often chosen as a way of achieving a more beautiful smile without the fuss of brackets and wires covering the smile. Invisalign is effective, but works a little differently. It uses clear aligner trays made of high quality, professional grade plastic that fits over the dental arch. They gently reposition the teeth over time without the use of metal.

This revolutionary way of redesigning smiles is beneficial for patients who are dealing with mild to moderate misalignment of the dental arch, anterior teeth, or bite. More severe cases may still require the assistance of an orthodontist, though many patients will find that Invisalign is sufficient for achieving a better-aligned smile. Patients must have a thorough examination, which may include x-rays to see if they could benefit from treatment, and can discuss alternative options with a dentist they know and trust.

Invisalign uses impressions of the natural teeth to create a series of trays. The number of trays a patient will have in his or her treatment varies, depending on the severity of the case. Each tray is worn for two weeks before patients start using the next one in the series, so compliance is essential to see expected results.

Ottawa area patients considering Invisalign orthodontics are welcome to contact the practice of Dr. France Chevalier and speak to her about their concerns and desires. Working together with patients, Dr. France Chevalier can find a method of repairing the aesthetics of the smile that fits everyone’s expectations—and possibly even exceeds them!

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