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Which patients in the K1P6K6 zip code are most appropriate for invisible braces?

Invisible braces, also known as Invisalign, have become extremely popular ever since they arrived on the market in 1999. The company that introduced Invisalign, called Align Technology, Inc., pioneered invisible orthodontics and continues to be a market leader today. Dr. France Chevalier of the K1P6K6 area in Ottawa has found her patients have been extremely happy with the results they have achieved with this form of orthodontia that they continue to recommend them to family and friends interested in braces—but not metal brackets and wires.

Dr. France Chevalier is an Ottawa area dentist who believes in providing alternatives to her patients. When men and women come to her practice unhappy with the appearance of their smile, she will often suggest Invisalign as a way of realigning the natural teeth and improving the bite. Many patients are turned off by the idea of orthodontics but once they learn how simple and affordable invisible braces can be, they are open to the concept.

Invisalign cannot be used on all smiles. Patients with very severe cases of overcrowding or misalignment may still have to visit a traditional orthodontist for braces. However, patients with mild to moderate misalignment, and those who have to address mild bite alignment concerns, are the best candidates for treatment. To determine this, Dr. France Chevalier must perform a thorough examination and x-rays on the patient to determine the current alignment of the teeth and whether or not they would respond well to treatment.

Dr. France Chevalier is committed to the beauty and health of her patients' smiles which is why she offers a wide selection of services for those who need them most. She understands how important an attractive smile can be for one's self-esteem and confidence. When patients have a smile they can be proud of, they tend to show it off and share it with everyone else in their life.

If you're ready to improve your smile and want to educate yourself further on the benefits of invisible braces, contact Dr. France Chevalier today. Her practice is designed to assist patients of all ages with dental concerns such as malocclusion and has a variety of treatments built around the specific needs of her patients.

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