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Patients in Ottawa seek dentist for amalgam free dental procedures

Patients appreciate having options. At Dr. France Chevalier's Ottawa dental practice, they have plenty of them. Dr. Chevalier is a dentist who practices holistic dentistry and she believes in the importance of choosing the safest and most effective treatment and dental material. Therefore, she offers amalgam free dental procedures and uses biocompatible materials for tooth fillings and restorations.

Oral health treatments can affect the entire body, so Dr. Chevalier keeps amalgam out of her dental practice. The metal contains about half mercury, which can be dangerous to the health of patients and dental staff. She offers metal-free solutions for tooth decay, damage, and loss including:

Dental fillings

When placing amalgam fillings, dentists remove healthy structure from the teeth. This is not the case with biocompatible dental materials such as composite resin. We use this type of bonding, which blends in nicely with the natural teeth.

Dental bonding

This is usually a treatment of choice to close small gaps between teeth or repair a flawed tooth. Dr. Chevalier uses composite resin to remedy these issues. This is more affordable than veneer therapy.

Dental crowns

When a dental filling is insufficient, Dr. Chevalier uses crowns to protect weak or damaged teeth. These restorations are "caps" placed on natural teeth. We use porcelain, a strong, durable, long lasting material that blends nicely with the other teeth.

Dental bridges

These restorations bridge the gap from missing teeth. Dr. Chevalier uses a restoration that contains artificial teeth that blend nicely with your smile. The bridge contains porcelain crowns, bonded onto adjacent teeth. Dental bridges can restore health and beauty to the smile.


For partial to complete tooth loss, a new set of dentures may be the right solution. We use removable full dentures to replace all teeth in a dental arch. Dr. Chevalier uses biocompatible resin, instead of metal. After taking an impression of the mouth, she customizes dentures to fit precisely. When you are missing several teeth, partial dentures are available. These prosthetics consist of artificial teeth in gum colored bases that fit around the existing teeth.

Would you like to consider an amalgam free restoration to bring health and beauty back to your smile? We are happy to discuss your options during a consultation. Schedule an appointment today by calling +1 (613) 233-1118.

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