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Patients seek a dentist in Ottawa who practices biological dentistry

Dr. France Chevalier practices holistic and biological dentistry. She is committed to considering the mouth, teeth, and gums as well as the mind, body, and spirit when caring for her patients. Many people in Ottawa are looking for this type of dentist. After meeting Dr. Chevalier, they do not have to look any further.

Providing mercury free dental treatment

All of our treatments are mercury free, which means we do not use metal in our restorations. For dental fillings, we use a biocompatible resin instead of amalgam, which contains about half mercury, as well as other metals. We provide porcelain crowns, which are strong, durable, and blend nicely with the smile. Our dental implants are also titanium-free, unlike those provided at other dental offices. Our dentures are made of a biocompatible resin rather than metal bases.

Providing a mercury safe dental environment

Dr. Chevalier has the training and expertise to remove amalgam fillings safely. This includes using the right equipment to remove and dispose of amalgam. She follows the strict protocols set by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. By doing so, Dr. Chevalier protects our patients and staff from the potential effects of amalgam.

Providing care for your overall health and wellbeing

In addition to using biocompatible dental materials for treatment, Dr. Chevalier uses safe and effective technology. For dental crowns and bridges, she utilizes the E4D system. With this method, we can provide same day restorations.

She utilizes an intra oral camera to capture detailed images inside of your mouth. She can display the images on a computer screen and educate you about your oral health. We also use digital x-rays, which have significantly less radiation.

Dr. Chevalier recognizes oral health conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease can lead to other health issues. That is why she focuses on preventative dentistry. This includes educating our patients about proper oral hygiene habits and the importance of biannual dental check-ups.

Are you looking for a dentist who provides care that can benefit your entire body? Dr. Chevalier will be happy to talk with you during a consultation appointment. Call +1 (613) 233-1118 to schedule yours today.

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