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Why is it important to work with a mercury free dentist in Ottawa?

It used to be common for dentists to use silver amalgam to fill a patient’s cavity. It was a popular material because it was strong. However, over the years, the safety question of those fillings is constantly arise and debated between the dental associations and the IAOMT. Dr. France Chevalier decided back in 1994, on her own, not to use silver amalgams, she is a mercury-free and mercury-safe dentist in the Ottawa area.

There are alternatives to silver amalgam. Composite bonding materials and porcelain onlays are often used at the practice of Dr. France Chevalier for fillings, bonding, and other cosmetic treatments. The material is free of metals, aesthetically pleasing within the smile. The white material blends in with the enamel and is practically unnoticeable in one’s tooth.

Mercury-safe dentists work with certain protocols when removing silver amalgam fillings. This is to ensure the vapors are not released into the air and breathed in by the patient or the staff. These procedures are put in place for mercury-safe dentists to ensure the safety of everyone in the room during the removal of silver amalgam from the mouth. You can find more information on the subject with the IAOMT.

Some patients may prefer to work with a mercury free dentist especially when their health is at risk with heavy metal intoxications or multiple chemical sensitivities. Some random studies have shown that when an individual has a healthy, mercury free smile, they have a healthier body. Periodontal disease and other conditions can carry into the bloodstream and affect other parts of the body, resulting in medical conditions and increasing the risk for heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes. By maintaining good oral health, a patient can reduce his or her risk for additional concerns of the body and can enjoy a long and happy life!

Dr. France Chevalier of Ottawa provides a wide range of dental treatments and offers mercury free, preventative, cosmetic and emergency dentistry for patients of all ages. Visit her practice today for your initial consultation appointment and learn the benefits of a healthy smile for life!

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