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Benefits of mercury free treatment in Ottawa

Dr. France Chevalier in Ottawa is a family dentist who offers biocompatible dentistry with mercury free treatment. This is very important for patients who want a holistic approach to their dental treatments. An essential part of biocompatible dentistry is eliminating the use of mercury products, which includes silver amalgam fillings.

Many patients have had silver amalgam fillings placed to restore a tooth after tooth decay. This practice has been done for decades. However, recent studies have shown that silver amalgam fillings are unhealthy for the body. This material is not biocompatible and can have serious negative effects on one’s overall medical health. Silver amalgam is made of 50 per cent mercury, which, when vaporized and inhaled, can be extremely toxic. Patients with silver amalgam fillings inadvertently warm their teeth when they chew, causing these vapors to be released and enter the bloodstream. These toxins can carry through the body and can affect many areas, as well as essential systems such as immune, respiratory, urinary, and cardiac.

Patients can benefit with better health when they switch to a practice in Ottawa that offers mercury free treatment. Patients who are worried their silver amalgam fillings are having a negative effect on their health can have them removed. Dr. France Chevalier practices safe mercury removal in accordance to the protocols set forth by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology to ensure patients are safe throughout the removal process. These standards are followed in the best interests of everyone in the room during the removal of silver amalgam.

Patients who visit a mercury free practice can enjoy a holistic approach to their overall health and only allow safe, biocompatible materials into their body. The practice of placing silver amalgam fillings is decreasing as patients begin to understand the negative effects this treatment can have on the smile and the body.

If you are a patient in the Ottawa are who has considered switching to a quality dentist who provides mercury free treatments, Dr. France Chevalier is always accepting new patients who want to do better for their smile and body. Call today to schedule a consultation appointment and find out how mercury free dentistry can improve your smile and health!

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