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Benefits of seeking treatment from a mercury safe practice in Ottawa

Patients who are dealing with medical issues may not be aware of the potential underlying cause of these problems. In some cases, patients who have conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, seizures, and arthritis may not realize that these stem from mercury toxicity. Mercury exposure can also lead to MS, birth defects, and leukemia. Recent studies have shown that some of this exposure can be caused by silver amalgam fillings—which have been used for decades to address dental cavities.

Dr. France Chevalier is well-educated in biocompatible dentistry, and has seen the research that supports the link between mercury and several medical conditions. This is why she provides patients in the Ottawa area with a mercury safe practice. Her state-of-the-art facility offers both general and cosmetic dentistry, and urges patients to have composite bonding material used for the filling of cavities instead of silver amalgam. Silver amalgam is composed of approximately 50 per cent mercury, which, when warmed, releases toxins into the mouth and body which can ultimately cause harm.

There are many benefits to seeking the assistance of a mercury safe practice in the Ottawa area.

First, patients who visit mercury safe practices can rest easy knowing that their health is at the forefront of everything the dentist does. Dr. France Chevalier is proud to offer biocompatible dentistry and a mercury safe practice for patients who are concerned about their overall health and the oral systemic connection.

Second, mercury safe practices follow the protocols set forth by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, an organization that has developed a list of standards for dentists to follow to ensure patients, dentists, and staff members are not exposed to mercury vapors during the removal of dental amalgam. Dr. France Chevalier proudly follows the IAOMT standards to protect everyone in her facility from the negative effects of mercury.

Third, patients can enjoy the aesthetic benefits of alternative fillings such as composite bonding. Composite bonding fillings are preferred over silver amalgam as they are biocompatible, safe, and can provide patients with a restoration that is not nearly as noticeable as silver amalgam.

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