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Ottawa area patients ask their dentist, what is the negative correlation with dental amalgam?

Over the years, dentists have used silver amalgam, or “dental amalgam” for the treatment of tooth decay. When cavities occurred, the areas were cleaned and prepared before silver amalgam was inserted into the tooth to protect it from further damage. While dentists have used this method of treating cavities for decades, recent studies have shown that dental amalgam fillings are not safe or healthy for the body. They are not biocompatible with the human body. They are made with up to 50 per cent mercury, which can release very toxic vapors when warmed. This warming can occur when patients chew, and can release mercury into the mouth and body, increasing the risk for a number of medical conditions.

Dr. France Chevalier of Ottawa provides mercury free dentistry. She is highly educated on the negative effects dental amalgam can have on the body, and is committed to providing patients with an effective alternative. Many patients ask about the negative correlation with dental amalgam, and Dr. France Chevalier is happy to educate her patients on the ways in which this material can harm the body. She is knowledgeable about the consequences of silver amalgam used to fill teeth, and can encourage her patients to undergo more positive, biocompatible procedures to treat cavities.

Dr. France Chevalier is also experienced in providing safe dental amalgam removal. Since the material is often heated during removal, it can release mercury vapors into the air, resulting in a health risk for patients, dentists, and staff in the room during the treatment. Instead, Dr. France Chevalier closely follows the protocols set forth by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, or the IAOMT for short. This organization has developed specific standards for dentists to follow in order to protect their patients, their staff, and themselves from the negative effects of mercury toxicity.

If you have dental amalgam fillings in your mouth and are concerned about having them removed, now is the best time to contact Dr. France Chevalier of Ottawa to learn about removal and follow through in safe and effective manner.

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