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Ottawa area dentist describes teeth whitening services

Ottawa area patients who have scoured the dental aisle at their local drugstore for teeth whitening treatments may have been inundated with a variety of options including trays, strips, toothpastes, and even whitening pens. However, many of these fall short of providing any decent results, and patients realize that it may take the help of a dentist to tackle those stubborn stains and surface discoloration.

Dr. France Chevalier of Ottawa is a biological dentist who believes in providing only the best services to her patients. She understands that a less than perfect smile can make patients feel extremely self-conscious. When patients visit her practice seeking rejuvenation of their “pearly whites,” she can help. Dr. France Chevalier will suggest patients consider the benefits of professional whitening trays.

Professional whitening trays are only available through a dentist and are custom-made for patients using impressions of the upper and lower dental arches. The trays fit snugly over the teeth and easily slide into place. Patients are educated on how to use the whitening gel with their trays. The gel, which contains carbamide peroxide, can gently work on lifting stains over the course of several weeks when patients use daily. Patients can achieve the whitening results they want, and then use the trays periodically to maintain the results. Patients may also visit their dentist for regular visits including professional cleanings, which help with staining and discoloration—and the freshly cleaned surfaces will better accept the whitening solution.

Dr. France Chevalier also offers in-office whitening with no sensitivity called "IVERI." This particular treatment is done in the dental chair in anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and provides amazing results!

If you live in the Ottawa area and are interested in learning more about a biological dentist who offers safe take-home whitening kits, contact Dr. France Chevalier today to schedule an initial visit.

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