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What professional teeth whitening options are available for patients in the Ottawa area?

Dr. France Chevalier sees many patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their smiles. Whether it's imperfections that affect the appearance or just dullness and discoloration caused by foods, habits, and medications, some patients find it difficult to smile and laugh with others because they are self-conscious about how their smile looks. When patients come to her practice complaining of discoloration on their teeth, they may be considered the perfect candidates for professional teeth whitening in her Ottawa area practice.

Dr. France Chevalier offers professional teeth whitening services for many patients who have been dissatisfied with over-the-counter methods. While drugstores carry a wide range of teeth whitening products in their oral health care aisle, many of these fall short of the result patients want to achieve. Some patients find they don't do anything at all to target deep, dark discolorations. They often speak to a dental professional about teeth whitening options that may be more effective at providing the results they desire.

Professional teeth whitening is done in one of two ways. Some patients prefer the in-office power bleaching which is done in our dental practice in approximately one hour. Patients see immediate results and can go about the rest of their day with a smile up to eight shades brighter after one visit. Others prefer alternative treatments such as the take-home whitening trays, which allow them to have more control over the results they achieve. Take-home whitening kits are custom-made for patients to fit the upper and lower dental arch for effective whitening. These trays can also be used in conjunction with in-office power bleaching to maintain the results.

Dr. France Chevalier and the team at her Ottawa based practice are excited to offer these two methods of professional teeth whitening for patients in and around the community. Using some of the strongest, most effective whitening products, patients can enjoy the advantages of a whiter, brighter smile. Contact her practice today to book a consultation visit and learn about whether or not you are a proper candidate for whitening procedures such as these.

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