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What methods of teeth bleaching area available through Ottawa area dental practices?

While many patients are not born with naturally beautiful, dazzling smiles, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t attainable. Dr. France Chevalier of Ottawa provides patients with ways to achieve the bright smile they’ve always wanted with teeth bleaching. Also known as teeth whitening, teeth bleaching can whiten the teeth up to eight shades whiter, and patients can maintain the results with regular treatments.

At the practice of Dr. France Chevalier, patients can enjoy teeth bleaching with take-home whitening trays. Instead of using in-office whitening techniques, which are not nearly as effective, we provide biocompatible, safe methods of lightening the enamel at home. The whitening trays are custom-made for patients using impressions of the dental arch. This makes the trays to fit snugly over the teeth and allows the whitening solution to work hard at eliminating stains and discoloration on surface enamel. Patients use the whitening gel and the trays once a day for several weeks for optimum results. Once the ideal color is attained, patients can maintain the results with periodic touch-ups using the whitening trays and solution to keep the smile looking its best!

Patients who have already tried over-the-counter whitening strips, toothpastes, and trays find that professional-grade products have a distinct advantage. These are stronger solutions, allowing patients to achieve results in a shorter period of time. They can also reduce problems, such as increased sensitivity, when patients use as directed by their dentist. Instead of paying for over-the-counter products that provide nominal results, patients can enjoy the benefits of medically-supplied whitening products which provide a dramatic advantage over anything that can be purchased in the stores. While teeth whitening solutions at our practice are stronger, they are still gentle enough for most patients to enjoy results without the sensitivity that can come with other treatment options.

If you live in the Ottawa community and are seeking a biocompatible dentist who provides quality whitening solutions, contact Dr. France Chevalier today to schedule a visit to her state-of-the-art facility to find out more about take-home whitening and the ways in which it can dramatically improve the brilliance and beauty of your smile!

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